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Design Challenge

A new school year is approaching and the orientation team is looking to you for some design expertise. 
Design an experience for new students to browse, search, and propose new student organizations. Provide your overall process, a wireframe flow, and one to two screens at higher fidelity.

Duration: One Week 

Individual Project



I interviewed my friends about how the student organizations reach the new students at their universities and their opinions of these ways .

I analyzed these ways according to three standards, informativeness, attractiveness, availability, which can to a large extent affect new students' experience of exploring student organizations. Then, I found some advantages that I can make use of and took some notes. I realized that online methods are usually very informative. However, many new students are not willing to search for this information. And, they are too boring to read. Besides, those offline activities are usually more attractive, especially open day. Students can gain insight to the organizations they are interested in. However, new students need to know the students organization first before they go there.



Nowadays, many universities have orientation app. Almost every new student use these apps. Therefore, I decided to add the information of student organizations to orientation apps. By making student organization exploration a part of orientation week events, the information will become much more accessible. And I decided to focus on the following two points.

• make the information more attractive

• make use of the advantages of both online (orientation

  app, social media, official websites...) and offline

  resources (open day)

User Flow


I wrote down some stages users may experience during the whole process, and design a user flow to investigate what functions users may need during each stage. 

Information Architecture


I established an information architecture with two kinds of elements, screen and interaction, according to the user flow in order to help me design the wireframe.



I add the four most important interactions in the information architecture, home, favorites, contact and propose to button navigation to make it convenient for users to switch between them.

On Boarding

Users can enter the student organization part through the new student orientation app. Since they have already submitted their personal information, they don’t need to do this again to sign up. 

Then, users will need to answer a couple of questions such as whether they live on campus and how much time they want to spend on student organizations every week. The questionnaire will help to rank the student organizations when users browse them.  


switch between two modes

add to favorites

filter: student organization type

Video & Picture Mode



List Mode



I divided the users into two groups in the user journey. The first group don't have any clear goal. They just want to browse the student organizations purposelessly. So I designed 'video and picture mode' which contains large pictures and short videos because I found that short videos are the most interesting medias for users to browse. The student organizations can choose to post pictures, videos or both. The second group already have a specific student organization they want to join, so I designed 'list mode' which is more straightforward. 

Users can switch between these two modes at any time. And when they browse the organizations the interface will appear to be the video and picture mode. When users search for sth, the result will switch to list mode automatically.

The only filter is type of student organization. And the student organizations is ranked according to the answers of the questionnaire.


add to favorites

detailed information


open day



social medias

Users' information will automatically appear on the application form through the new student orientation app. And users can change the information such as email address.




Open Day

register for

open day

Before open day:

Users can check the time and other detailed information of the student organizations' open day. When they tab 'my orientation week schedule', it will switch to the users' schedule on the new student orientation app to help users check if they are free during the open day. When they tab 'register for open day', it will be added to their schedule automatically.

During open day:

Users can tab 'scan' on the home screen to scan the QR code provided by the student organization to enter 'details' screen during open day.

Propose New Student Organization

Users can tab 'add' on the button navigation to propose a new student organization.

If there is no result when users search student organization, the app will suggest them to start a new one. 

High Fidelity