Usability Benchmarking Tool (UBT)

Product Design, Facebook App
2020 - 3 Months
Sketch, Figma, Framer, After Effect
I was a product design intern at Facebook in summer 2020.
I collaborated with content strategist, user researcher, engineer, data scientist and project manager on this project.
We've seen a decline on how our users feel about Facebook's usability since 2016. Besides, the way we benchmarked usability was costly, slow and made it impossible for us to run in synergy with on-platform tasks.
Therefore, we introduced usability benchmarking tool, an unmoderated usability testing tool on the Facebook App, which enables us to measure a person's ability to complete a given task with varying degrees of effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction.

Led the redesign of UBT, which is going to be launched on Facebook in September 2020.