AR app
AR Spatial Data Visualization
Siemens was doing a research on their AP, which can transmit a special kind of radio signal at factories (similar to routers that can create WIFI signal). Usually, a couple of APs are needed in a factory. Since the radio signal is invisible, it's hard for engineers to know where to place the APs in order to cover the whole factory with radio signal. Siemens already had the algorithm to calculate the strength of the signal at any point. We were asked to research on how to visualize the signal in a 3D space using AR technology and the computational model. Besides, we also need to design an AR app on iPad pro to help engineers decide where to place the AP.

How might we design an AR app to help engineers decide where to place Siemens AP at factories.

How might we visualize the strength of the radio signal at the factories using AR technology.