Squeeze Squeeze Squeeze

Media Art, Generative Art, Creative Coding
2020 - 3 Months
Unity (Visual Effect Graph), Rhino, Keyshot
We have three members in our team. I was responsible for coding of the generative art in Unity as well as 3d modeling and rendering of the physical installation.
Squeeze Squeeze Squeeze is a media art installation that stimulates the senses, emotion and imagination of people passing by. We used different kinds of sensors to make the generative art on the screen interactive.

A media art installation that unleashes the artist inside of people passing by

Due to COVID-19, we wasn't able to make the physical installation at workshop according to our final design. Following is a prototype we made during midterm. The diagram on the right shows the mechanism of this installation. And I also did 3d modeling and rendering for our final design which is presented in the end.
Midterm Prototype
Generative art - Mode 1
Generative art - Mode 2
Change Animation Modes w/the Painter’s Palette
Select Colors by Squeezing Paint Tubes
Manipulate Animated Particles & Audio by waving hands